MOT Kokonaispalvelu on trial 07.11.2017

The University of Vaasa and VAMK subscriptions to MOT Dictionaries will likely be extended to the more comprehensive service MOT Kokonaispalvelu from 1.1.2018. MOT Kokonaispalvelu will be on trial at the University of Vaasa and VAMK University of Applied Sciences until 31.12.2017.

MOT Kokonaispalvelu includes the following services:

1) MOT Dictionaries, 57 dictionaries

2) MOT Proofing, proofreading service for checking English texts

3) MOT Translation, machine translation service (Finnish-English-Finnish + 12 other language pairs)

4) MOT Books, 5 books

5) MOT Mobile Online

6) MOT TERMS: The Termlink service enables you to bring your own dictionaries to the MOT Dictionaries service

7) MOT Reference: useful links, e.g. IATE, InterActive Terminology for Europe, Eurovoc, EU's multilingual thesaurus

8) MOT+ vocabulary learning service (not included in the MOT user interface, but can be used at


MOT user guide:

Feedback on the services can be e-mailed to:

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Web publishing of Master’s theses at Åbo Akademi University 15.09.2014
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