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Tritonia Allegro  serves the units at Novia University of Applied Sciences and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad.  The library is open for everyone.


Collections: The printed collections of Tritonia Allegro mirror the fields of study at Centria and Novia UAS, focusing on art, music, and business economics. In the library there are printed books and journals, printed music and CDs. All print material, as well as printed music, can be found in the Tritonia Finna | Novia portal.


The e-collections of Tritonia Allegro are much more comprehensive but ”invisible”. Inside the library, there are two computers through which you can access the licensed e-resources (e-books, e-journals, databases) for which Novia and Centria UAS have acquired license via the cooperation network for the UAS libraries. The e-resources can be accessed both in the UAS network and remotely via your own computer, when you log on with your UAS username. We have international scholarly databases within all fields of study at both universities of applied sciences. You are welcome to ask the Library Secretary for help with searching.


Search for Novia UAS e-resources: Tritonia Finna | Novia

Search for Centria UAS e-resources: Centria-Finna portal


Facilities: The library is open for everyone. There is a reading corner with a table and some chairs, a self-service loans machine, individual reading spots, a quick search computer for searching in Tritonia Finna and an A3 scanner.


In the library, there are computers which are connected to the networks of Novia and Centria UAS. Students and teachers can log on to these computers with their own username and password. External library users wishing to access the e-resources of Novia or Centria UAS in the library can ask the Library Secretary for assistance.


Contact information:

Street address: Campus Allegro, Runebergsgatan 8, 68600 Jakobstad
Phone: 06-328 5136
Library Secretary: Tina Hagnäs-Dubloo

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