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Tritonia, Vaasa



Postal address:
POB 331
65101 Vaasa


Street address:
Wolffintie 34
65200 Vaasa


We primarily accept e-invoices. We also request that if supplier sends invoices via email or on paper, the invoicing PO Box address must always be visible on the image of the invoice. If the official invoicing address in not visible on the image of the invoice, it cannot be processed at the scanning centre.

Invoices must be directed to the University of Vaasa. In order to expedite processing, the invoice must include the reference information (as cost centre, Project, order number, etc.) announced by the client and the name of the client. All attachments of e-invoices and email invoices must be in pdf format. Only invoices are accepted at the invoicing address and email address for paper invoices. Any other materials will not be forwarded.

E-invoicing address:
e-invoice operator: CGI (operator ID: 003703575029)
EDI ID: 003702095998

Paper invoicing address:
University of Vaasa
P.O. Box 773
00074 CGI

Email invoicing address: 


Business ID:



Account information:
Bank: Danske Bank
Account number: 8919971-0000872
IBAN: FI3789199710000872


Tritonia Allegro, Jakobstad


Postal address:
Tritonia Allegro -Biblioteket
Runebergsgatan 8
68600 Jakobstad


Invoicing address:

EDI-address: 003720599102
Operator: Basware Oyj
Business ID: 2059910-2




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