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Visitors have the right to use Tritonia's collections, facilities and equipment if they follow the user rules and the provisions of the Copyright Act (404/1961). Our opening hours and changes in these are announced on our website and at our units.


Borrowing rights

Borrowing rights and library card are granted anyone who can prove their identity at the library and who commit themselves to following the library rules, by signing the library card. Students of the University of Vaasa and Novia can create the library card in the app Tuudo. The consent of a guardian is required for the registration of a customer under the age of 15. Anyone providing false information or neglecting these user rules might lose their borrowing rights.


The library card is personal. Customers are responsible for material borrowed with their card, as well as for other use of the card. If the customer cannot visit the library personally, he or she can authorize another person to utilize library services in his or her name. In order to avoid misuse of the library card, loss of card is to be reported immediately. Customers must also notify the library if their e-mail address, street address, or name change, since our customer register is not updated via the student register or the Finnish Population Information System.


Loans services

Loan periods vary depending on the material. Some materials of the collections cannot be borrowed, but are available in the library. Loan periods and restrictions are announced on Tritonia's website.


The customer is responsible for returning materials by the date/time due. The customer can check due time in the Tritonia’s search service Finna. The library may send the customer a reminder for loans with an approaching due date or loans that are already late, but the customer is still obliged to return or renew his or her loans in time. More detailed information on renewing and returning loans is available on Tritonia's


The customer can reserve materials that are on loan, according to the instructions on Tritonia's website. The Interlibrary loans service enables you to borrow, or order photocopies of material, which cannot be found in our library collections or in libraries nearby.


User rules for e-resources

For each e-resource, there are license-specific user rules that must be followed by the users of the resources.



The use of Tritonia's collections is mainly free of charge. Tritonia's list of service charges includes service fees. Overdue fees are charged for materials, returned or renewed after the due date according to Tritonia's price list. The customer's borrowing rights are blocked when the debt limit is exceeded. The limit for the patron block is announced on Tritonia's website. The borrowing rights are returned when the fees have been fully or partially paid.


The customer is obliged to compensate for unreturned, lost or damaged materials according to the price list. Replacements for lost or damaged library cards are subject to a fee.


Facilities and equipment

Customers can use Tritonia's reading spaces, group study rooms and lockers during the library opening


Quiet study environment

All customers should consider other library users and avoid making noise or otherwise disturbing others. To ensure a quiet study environment, eating, drinking, and loud discussions should be avoided in the library facilities. Phones should be muted. The library staff can request customers, who disturb others in their work, to leave the library.


Data privacy

Tritonia's customer registers are personal data files as defined in the Personal Data Act. The library customer register is used solely for managing the loans services. Everyone has the right to check his or her own data in the register. Information on Tritonia's services is available at



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