Loan periods

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Loan periods vary depending on the material. Some materials of the collections cannot be borrowed, but are available in the library.


The loans must be returned by the due date. The customer is obliged to pay overdue fees if the borrowed material is not returned on time.

Note that short loans must be returned by the end of the third working day. For example, a short loan borrowed on Wednesday must be returned by the end of Monday.


Note: The loan period for books borrowed from Allegro is always longer during the summer.


Loan periods

Collection Loan period
Textbooks 14 days
Textbooks/short loan copies 3 days
Subject collection 28 days
Dictionaries 28 days
Journals not lent
Reference material not lent
Project loans 365 days
University of Vaasa 28 days
Novia University of Applied Sciences not lent
Vamk University of Applied Sciences 28 days
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