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 1. Create your library card

Students using the Tuudo app (University of Vaasa and Novia)

As a student of the University of Vaasa and Novia you will find your library card in the app Tuudo. Download the app, log in and create your library card in the app. Remember to create a PIN code and connect the library card to Finna (see sections 2 and 3).

If you already have a library card Tuudo should find it automatically. If needed, you can add your card manually with the library card number and PIN code. 

If you don't have Finnish personal identity code please use the library card application linked below and then add your library card to Tuudo manually.

Tuudo are not presently in use at VAMK.


Tuudo library guide


All other students and staff at University of Vaasa, VAMK and Novia as well as other HAKA-users

Create a library card here. Log in with HAKA identification using the username and password to your university or university of applied sciences.



When all information is entered, the system automatically creates a library card for you. The card will be sent to your e-mail. Continue by creating a PIN code and connecting your card to your account in Finna (see sections 2 and 3).

Other users

You can fill out the library card form without logging in. In this case you need to come to the servicedesk at the library to show your identification. This can be done at the earliest 3 days after you filled out the form. After received your library card you need to create a PIN code.


2. Create a PIN code for your library card


Tritonia-Finna | University of Vaasa

Tritonia-Finna | VAMK

Tritonia-Finna | Novia


Fill in your library card number and the email address stored in the library database. You will recieve a link to set a PIN code. Click on the link and set a five digit PIN code. The PIN code must consist of 5 digits, no letters.


3. Connect your library card to Finna

Login with your HAKA credentials to the Finna view of your institution.

Connect your library card to your Finna account with the card number and PIN code. In future when logging in to Finna with HAKA identification, you will automatically see information related to your library card, such as loans and reservations.


4. The card is ready

The card is individual and the borrower is always responsible for his/her loans.

Welcome to use the library! If you have questions, please contact

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