Returning books

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More info

Loans must always be returned to the unit to which they belong.

When the library is closed, loans can be returned to the return box.

Books returned after closing time will be handled the next working day.

Location of the return chutes

  • Tritonia, Vaasa: The book return chute is located about 15 meters to the right from the main entrance, see photo of the chute. It is used when the library is closed.
  • Tritonia Allegro, Jakobstad: The return box is outside the library doors when the library is closed. Loans can be returned during the buildings’ opening hours.

Returning books by mail

If you are unable to visit the library, you can return your loans by mail. The customer is responsible for books returned by mail. We do not accept cash-on-delivery packets. You find the addresses of the units in our contact information:


  • Tritonia, Vaasa: PL 331, 65101 Vaasa
  • Tritonia Allegro, Jakobstad: Biblioteket, Runebergsgatan 8, 68600 Jakobstad 



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