Printing, copying and scanning

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You can print from your own device to the printer using the Princh app. Black and white printouts cost 10 cents and colour 30 cents.

The printing quota can be used elsewhere on campus, in the facilities of your own university.


If problems occur, please contact the University of Vaasa IT:

Copying and scanning

With a copying card you can also use the printer for scanning and copying. The card can be purchased at the service desk. You also need a copy card for scanning. You can borrow the card for scanning at the service desk or at the custodians’ desk. 


Copy card prices:

  • 10 copies card 1€
  • 50 copies card 5€
  • 100 copies card 10€
  • 200 copies card 15€

You can make two-sided copies with the copier. The copier in the library makes black and white copies. In the Tervahovi building of the University of Vaasa, on the ground floor, there is a copier which makes colour copies. You will be charged 3 copies for 1 colour copy.

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