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OPIS0025 Searching for Scientific Information 1 (1 ECTS)

Time: The first autumn semester of the Master's Degree Programme.

Learning outcomes: Students are able to use Finnish library and information services effectively, know how to apply various information retrieval tools efficiently and use information ethically.

Content: General principles of information seeking, basic information retrieval techniques, information resources and Finnish library services needed in the studies, information ethics.

Teaching: Obligatory lecture (2 h), online training.

Assessment: Online assignments.

Contact person: Information Specialist Pia-Maria Niemitalo, pia-maria.niemitalo(at)

OPIS0026 Searching for Scientific Information 2 (0-1 ECTS)

Time: The course is arranged in connection with the Research Seminar or Research Methodologies course.

This course is obligatory for students attending most Bachelor and some Master programmes. Please see your study programme details for more information.

Prerequisites: OPIS0025 Information Skills 1 or OPIS0093 Tieteellinen tiedonhankinta 1.

Learning outcomes: Students are able to retrieve scholarly information from international databases using advanced search techniques and know how to evaluate search results critically.

Contents: Systematic information seeking, construction of search strategies using advanced search techniques, knowledge of subject specific resources and critical evaluation of information sources.

Teaching: Obligatory lecture (2 h), online training.

Assessment: Online assignments.

Contact person: Information Specialist Pia-Maria Niemitalo, pia-maria.niemitalo(at)

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