Acquisition requests: VAMK personnel

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VAMK staff members can suggest purchases online.  Use the same form for acquisitions to the library collections and for books for staff use.

Textbooks (loan period 14 days)

Books included in the degree programmes are defined as textbooks (print books, e-books). The library acquires several textbooks for each course, according to the number of students attending, as well as one short loan copy and one teacher's copy to the department.

Textbooks are primarily acquired as e-books. Please check the user rights of the e-books with the library. If an e-book is ordered as textbook, the library will also acquire a print copy both to the short loan collection and the textbook collection.


General collection (loan period 28 days)

To Tritonia's general collection, the library primarily acquires literature to support education and research. Staff and students at the universities and universities of applied sciences can make book requests, as well as other library customers.


Copies to the department

The departments can order literature through Tritonia to be placed at the departments' own reference libraries. These copies are paid by the departments.



Journals are acquired to the library collections to support education and research at the universities and universities of applied sciences.  Journals are acquired as e-journals, when available.


Contacts for acquisitions:

VAMK/Technology Information Specialist Mari Mäkynen,, 029-449 8239
VAMK/Business Information Specialist Anne Wargelin,, 029-449 8261
VAMK/Social Sciences and Healthcare Information Specialist Anne Wargelin,, 029-449 8261
Electronic materials Information Specialist, Hanna Erkinheimo,, 029-449 8553


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