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Textbooks (loan period 14 days)

Books included in the degree programmes are defined as textbooks (print books, e-books). The amount of textbooks for a given course is adjusted according to the function of the book, and according to the amount of students. One copy of every textbook title is usually placed in the short loan- collection.

It is important that the textbook acquisition requests are placed on time, so that the books are available when the course starts.


Subject collections and research literature (loan period 28 days)

To Tritonia's general collection, the library primarily acquires literature to support education and research. Purchase requests can be made by university staff, researchers and students, as well as by other customers.

One copy of general literature is usually bought. Further information on loan periods is available on Tritonia’s homepage. Books that are used as course literature at one of Tritonia’s framework organisations are placed in the textbook collection.


Copies to the department

The departments can order literature through Tritonia to be placed at the departments' own reference libraries. These copies are paid by the departments, the educational programme or the unit.



Journals are acquired to the library collections to support education and research at the universities and universities of applied sciences. Journals are acquired as e-journals, when available.

Acquisition requests can be made with this form, or by contacting the person in charge. 

Contact person for acquisitions, Tritonia: information specialist Carina Engblom

Contact person for acquisitions, Tritonia Allegro: library secretary Tina Hagnäs-Dubloo

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