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 Where do I find e-books, e-journals and the databases?

In Tritonias Finna search service (log in with your university's username) or Libguides. 


Can I access the e-resources outside the campus?

Students and staff can access the e-resources of their own university or university of applied scienses, with a few exceptions, also outside the network. In order to use the e-resources through remote access, you need to access the database through Finna or LibGuides.


 Why can’t I open a journal/article in the database?

If the article’s full text does not open, or if the database asks for a user name and password, even though you are logged on, the reason is more than likely that your university has not acquired user rights to the given journal. In that case, the article is only available as an abstract.


 What if the article I’m looking for is not available in my university’s e-resources?

Turn to the interlibrary loans service: https://www.tritonia.fi/en/interlibrary_loans


 When I open the database or journal, I get an error message: ”the service is not defined in Proxy” or there are other problems with the use of Finna and resources

Contact the library by email: finna@uwasa.fi


 Can I print an e-book?

It is usually possible to print some pages of an e-book, but the right to print depends on the database. Some publishers only allow for a certain amount of pages to be printed.


 Which e-books are available at the library and which devices can I use to read them?

Read more in the e-book guide.


 Why should I use Finna when Google Scholar works just as well?

With Google Scholar you can easily find free scientific web material. The electronic resources provided by your own university are also partly available on the campus or at the library via Google Scholar. However, the only way to access the licensed e-resources from outside campus/library is via Finna, or by activating the Google Scholar library links.

The greatest shortcoming of Google Scholar, when searching for scientific information, is that Google does not provide information on which publishers or publications are included in the search. In addition, many of the important, commercial resource producers (e.g. EBSCO and Proquest) have not given their permission for Google to crawl data from their databases; this is why information about e.g. the articles in EBSCO’sdatabases cannot be found via Google.

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